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Easy money means bad future

May 17, 2022
Joan As Police Woman -  Let It Be You

Intriguing musical melodies anticipate the mysterious covers of the musical sound of the Broke Me In Two composition, which begins the sound of the Joan As Police Woman - Let It Be You album with an intriguing mystery with vocal mysteries. The Overloaded song brings the vocal monologue to the forefront of the musical image, complementing it with a musical chime against a romantic background. The vocal reflections of the singing lady continue the musical story with the pensive and unhurried Magic Lamp ballad.
The Let It Be You title track's vocals phrases strive in impatience to distant and unimaginable mysteries, entwined with a haze of oriental fairy tales. The Hurts So Bad composition weaves its musical lace based on the combination, alternation and unity of male and female vocals.
Somewhat transforming the sound in the progressive complication of electronic impulses, the Satellite song envelops the vocal phrases of the sad ballad with covers of musical peace. Somewhat transforming the romantic sound with vocal transformation, the Easy Money composition envelops the vocal unity with echoes of oriental motifs. Electronic pulsations give a somewhat disturbing atmosphere to the introduction, but the vocal narration of the singing lady fascinates and softens the sound of the Violent Dove track with romantic shades and conjectures.
The everyday life and memories of the auto mechanic are woven into musical whirlwinds around the Motorway vocals dissection, preceding the acoustic completion of the album with the Station composition with the influence of country style.