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A creepy lord holds on a black throne

May 17, 2022
Dreamer - Tahta Hitam

The brooding charm of melodic romance weaves the mesmerizing veils of the Panah Kematian intro, then developing the musical charm of the Dreamer - Tahta Hitam album and complementing its sound with inspired vocal melodies, combining the emotional phrases of the singing lady shaded by the phrases of severe growling, captivating in the rapid flow of this unity in the exciting Khurusetra race with a great influence of rave and musical nervousness. But the introduction of vocals pacifies the musical anxiety, returning again and again in instrumental bridges. The Tirani intro thoughtfully and artistically weaves the lace of the main motif, then weaving and enveloping the vocal doubts of the singing lady and receding before the destructive pressure of frantic growling vocals.
The title track Tahta Hitam carefully, painstakingly and attentively weaves the lace of the main motif, then complementing its musical charm with the artistic unity of the emotional tunes of the singing lady and the harsh growling, combining them in a single vocal stream of the chorus. Rolling dense and spicy waves of the eastern solemn anthem, the Jabang Tetuka composition envelops vocal phrases with covers of musical mystery with the influence of folklore motifs.
Picking up the musical flight of the Perang Suci composition, the vocal narrative crowns this procession, complementing the solemn procession of the Doa Pendosa Ii symphonic anthem, combining the melodic charm of music and vocals with the majestic significance of musical artistry.
Rolling a dark drive, the Raja Dunia composition then fascinates with gothic motifs with shades of superstitious mystery, raising the banners of the greatness of theatrical artistry in the sound of the Perang, Darah, Dan Dosa musical suite and the Dreamer - Anggakara final composition of the album.