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Each os us has its personal shadow

October 27, 2019
Scimitar (CAN) - Shadows of Man

The singing of birds is preceded by a bewitching chime of strings, supplemented by echoes of a harp. Then the State of Nature music weaves a bewitching lace of the embodiment of folklore ideas fused with modern motifs. The pulsating march is preceded by the introduction of vocals, unexpectedly for this style, beginning with a recitative in the next compositionKnights Collapse , which continues the Scimitar (CAN) - Shadows of Man album with more abrupt exclamations of interweaving of the ages. Flayed on the Birch Rack pays even more attention to modern musical styles, only wrapping them in certain shades of trends of folklore additions.
But the Wandering at the Moon song again recalls the chime of folklore influences, then being carried away in an unbridled rush of drive, but the vocals return the music to mid-tempo thoughts. The To Cultivate With Spears battle march, shrouded in an atmosphere of valiant accomplishments and offering proud banners, returns to the celebration of unforgettable legendary heroes, rolling exciting trends of heroic sagas.
The following title track develops into a dilogy, first into the sound of Shadows of Man I: Imperium ascending the banners of an epic saga commemorating the heroic deeds and accomplishments of invincible warriors. Then Shadows of Man II: Cataclysm hardens and tightens the rhythmic structure and vocal part, flying away in an uncontrolled stream of furious drive.
In introduction, continuing the demonic impulses of unbridled drive, Where Ancient Spectres Lie then transforms the rhythmic structure, enriching it with artistic variations and mesmerizing transformations. The hoarse echoes of a muffled growl end with painful musical echoes, ending the album with an epic combination of such diverse variations - that I personally have only one question: why wasn’t the Mysterium, Tremendum Et Fascinans composition second in it?