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Pink glasses sometimes is cracking

October 27, 2019
Isole - Dystopia

The mesmerizing melody of the Beyond The Horizon song, full of sensuality, to which pensive artistry gives light sadness, begins the Isole - Dystopia album. The introduction of vocals revolves the musical passages in a leisurely dance and complements the impressive shade of pensive sadness. The gloomy trends of ancient legends envelop inspirational emotional phrases with bewitching shawls of the web of the Written In The Sand forgotten tales.
Unhurried passages of gloomy romance continue the album with the mystery of the The Beholder twilight anthem, which raises vocal emotions on the pedestal of inspired thoughtfulness and melody of musical accompaniment. The ringing of the bell ends with a chime of a sparkling guitar solo, then vocal phrases come to the forefront of the You Went Away musical image, complementing clean vocals with rare moments of growling.
Music and vocals are intertwined together in a bewitching dance, the Forged By Fear vocals pay more attention to growling, exacerbating the mysticism of the atmosphere and ending with inspired dreamy chants of clean vocals.
Changing the language of lyrics from English to the native language for the group, the Galenskapens Land composition gives the album a certain bewitching charm, transforming its atmosphere into a more approximate and sensual one for the listener. Returning to English lyrics, Nothingness ends the album with vocal phrases reminiscent of ritual chants, shrouded in the covers of proper musical support.