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Each element has its own sacraments

December 12, 2019
Noekk - The Water Sprite

The title track begins the Noekk - The Water Sprite album with a bewitching epic of a bewitching symphony, varying with the introduction of vocals fairy tales in broken progressive lace of complex rhythms, while preserving the melodic charm of the main motive in the instrumental bridges.
Twisted by the pensive ghosts of a mysterious romance T.B.'s Notion combines vocal and musical variations in the romantic sacrament of a pensive waltz. The vocals sound deeper and more thoughtful, the music inspires sensory experiences. Strange Mountain ontinues wise thoughtfulness, but then brings the pulsation of a harsh march. However, the music either returns to sophisticated thinking, or introduces the spirit of restrained drive, varying and combining this in a progressive musical palette.
The vocal narrative comes to the forefront of the How Fortunate The Man With None musical image, at first the musical echoes muffled and thoughtfully complement the vocal part, like a biblical parable. But then the musical passages supplement their sound, however, again and again retreating into the background when the vocal phrases comes to the fore. The winds of the wind instruments bring the symphonic echoes of the folklore tunes to the beginning of The Fiery Flower song, then pulsing in a leisurely saddened procession, invoking the progressive complication of the rhythmic structure with vocal phrases and enveloping the sound with shades and shades of artistic charm and introducing a symphony spirit with a keyboard symphony.
Clouded by wise experience, meditations of vocal experiences, charmingly and gently presenting their thoughts with Moonface Is Dead charming vocal phrases, are wrapped in a lace of a thoughtful symphony, intriguing the epic meaningfulness of the final composition of the album The Riddle Seeker, progressively and artistically setting up the scenery of a mysterious and unpredictable theatrical performance.