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December 11, 2019
Hell's Coronation - Ritual Chalice of Hateful Blood

The vague echoes of an obscure mystery reveal the outlines of Levitating in Tarry Fog unknown entity, embodying the portents of gloomy prophecies and beginning the narrative of ancient legends. The vague echoes of the children's prayers and the bleating of the goat completes the composition, passing into the Covenant of Doom introduction by obscure demonic spells. But the Hell's Coronation - Ritual Chalice of Hateful Blood album begins with vague musical trends of the twilight anthem. The introduction of vocals complements the musical twilight with obscure echoes of black screaming vocals.
Music envelops vocal phrases with the gloomy essence of viscous darkness, dragging the listener into the Mighty Black Flame mysterious predictions of the warlocks and the gloomy mysteries of ancient spells. The chime of coins or a necklace captivates the listener into the gloomy abyss of the pulsating dark march Fullmoon Is the Sinister Light of Providence, that is riding on a waves of musical narration with vocal phrases.
The gloomy echoes of ancient tales and mysterious legends are filled with passages of the evil grandeur of the I Crush the Sanctity of Christ dark anthem, marching in a procession of dark ratars, leaving the vocal prophecies of the warlock against the backdrop of a musical narrative. The melodic passages of Ressurection Through Condemnation introduction looks forward to a romantic ballad, but demonic screaming calls for echoes of the dark hostilities and evil spells, introducing notes of anxiety and gloomy forebodings into the soft narrative, creating an atmosphere of dark romanticism in the final composition of the album.