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Each deity pleasing only own faith

November 15, 2017
Suicide Bombers - Suicide Idols

The raucous rain, the distant wolf howl and incredible Intro: A Divine Transmission confession begin the Suicide Bombers - Suicide Idols album, creating an atmosphere of incredible divine grace.
The title track Suicide Idol introduces waves of anxious drive, giving a touch of brooding sadness.
Ready For Tonight introduces a wave of readiness for the coming deeds, notes of courage and fierce readiness to come face to face with any enemy.
And here the enemy appears in the image of countless legions converging in Next World War incredible battle, not counting the victims and destruction, trampling on knowledge and memory of past wars.
The fog of gloomy romance Never Gonna Change envelops in gloomy thoughts, enchants dark temptations and creates a musical image close to the ballad lyrical sound, but remains within the framework of the average tempo. The dark night sky pushes waves of dark romance and into the sound of We Got Tonight, the drive in the instrumental part of the drive carries towards unrestrained fun for all night.
The flow of hopeful music Keep An Eye On You sweeps away any obstacles in its path in an unrestrained drive, vocal adds a touch of pensive alarm, but music carries and carries on. But anxiety and anxiety do not dissipate, enveloping in a gloomy musical image Generation Kill on all sides with ghostly doubts, dark enchanting spirits Powerful, rhythmic march Sex Star Icon rolls waves of anxious experiences, driving the steps into the chosen path, vkolachivaya them with each bar with indelible signs.
The fog of pensive romance envelops with Waiting music from all sides, taking away the mind into distant dreams, which can only wait, hope that it will ever come true.
Furiously hammering in a frenzied rhythm Just One Fuck conceals any obstacles, impatiently moving along the paved path, without perceiving any delays. Confidence, power and an overwhelming desire to get it at least once.
Again the sound of rain Outro: ...Over & Motherfucking Out (Part 3) completes the blessing frames.