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Wicked fiends lurks in the shadows

November 14, 2017
Akatharta - Spiritus Immundus

The unhurried and viscous creepy twilight mist Macabre Reflections in the Dark envelops with insurmountable fear from all sides, surrounds with an unconscious horror and phantom fears. In this horrifying atmosphere, Akatharta - Spiritus Immundus album begins.
The grim cemetery slander of unsaved souls Onryo (Wrath of a Vengeful Ghost) album continues, even more marring the musical image.
Waves of darkness Tenebrarum in Aeternum creates horror and fear, creating frightening images, imprinted in the mind with vigorous vocal phrases, music accompanies this horror with stiff riffs.
Ghosts and spirits of forgotten ancestors further thicken the funeral gloom, turning Nocturnal Interment into the crypt of eternal grim sadness.
Mysterious words interrupting each other and fighting for the dominant role create an eerie, frightening Phantasmagories introduction. Then, a muffled, viscous demonic growling grabs the dominant position, leading an eerie frightening fog of musical horror after its phrases.
A quiet, melancholy whistling whisper in muted ambiguity Transpierce the Umbra creates a kind of ghostly lateral manifestation, which serves as the Possessione Diabolica introduction. That composition driving its sound staples as creepy riffs in the mind. Then the demonic drive enslaves the mind with an irresistible horror, releasing a severe deep growling vocals against the background of a musical canvas. Then the phantom necromancer's phrases are crammed with creepy words in pure vocals, entangling musical passages with creepy ornate sentences.
The grim whisper of the invisible evil demons begins an eerie extravaganza Pneumata enveloping a buzzing riff, like a swarm of horrific hell-bones.
The album completes the violent descendants of hell march Dethroned Emperor, powerfully marching along the bones of sinners who have long since gone into the oblivion.