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Each crown has a suitable crown bearer

November 04, 2019
Warthrone - Crown of the Apocalypse

Machine-gun bursts, explosions begins the The Eyes of Kings composition, intertwining vocal and instrumental elements in a whirlwind of rampant drive. In the final part, the music rolls in waves of a mid-tempo march and raises the banners of the majestic anthem, ending with a rapid musical fury. The title track continues the Warthrone - Crown of the Apocalypse album, combining the pulsating waves of doubt with the rampant drive, speeding to incredible heights, slowing down the musical image in the chorus.
Introducing the influx of epic mysteries and echoes of ancient legends with the introduction, The Beast That Ascendeth captivates with its artistry and inspiration of musical variations. Seven Eyes Seven Horns continues the atmosphere of mysticism, enveloping it with twilight veils and the mystery of epic dark tales. Then The Blood of the Prophets song's music flies away on the wings of a black dragon, extolling the triumph of darkness and darkness.
Facilitating the musical sound of Intro, Upon the Golden Altar then combines the encouraging inspiration and the trends of gloomy doubts into a single musical image. The drum roll accompanies the marching legions, ending with a bright guitar solo, then sweeping up the rampant flow of drive, anticipating the introduction of Apollyn vocals. After the string of bursts, the vocals is marching in a majestic mid-tempo march.
Fascinating and unexpectedly varying the rhythmic structure of the composition, As Pillars of Fire song captivates with unexpected changes in sound. Unto the Face of Serpents completes the album with an alternation of an epic ballad and sharp additions of demonic screaming, combining this with enchanting female vocals in a single musical essence.