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Some memories are hard to spot

November 03, 2019
Escapist (ARG) - Hidden Memories (Japanese Edition)

The swirling whirlwinds of the guitar solo begins the Silent Hunter song, then the female vocals elevate the banners of the opera vocal style, the male vocals complement it with background tunes. Mid-tempo musical passages continues the Escapist (ARG) - Hidden Memories (Japanese Edition) album with the inspired anthem Eternal Life, intertwining the vocal parts of female and male vocals in a duet, leaving the phrases of female vocals in the foreground. Then the music accelerates its narration and gives great importance to male vocals.
Wrapping the fickle musical drive with swirls of symphonic passages, the musical charm recedes before the Where the Rainbow Ends vocal phrases, then weaving with them a bewitching musical lace. Desires and Mistakes gives the musical parts some gloomy colors, twisted with whirlwinds of doubts of guitar solos and complementing them with thoughtful tunes of opera female vocals.
After changing variations of drive and medium pace, Angels Never Gone raises the banners of a symphonic ballad, captivating with a bewitching romantic atmosphere. The gloomy passages of the entry are enveloped in intriguing mystery and suggest a return to drive, however the Knife song remains on the verge of a mid-tempo march and a thoughtful ballad. Then the Shine No More composition dispels doubts and forebodings of dangers and returns to the combination of male and female vocals inherent in the beginning of the album.
But the Disappear music flies away in swift passages, capturing a bewitching melody, but in verses using only male vocals, intertwining them with a female in charming duets of choruses. But The Little Warrior symphonic saga returns female vocals to dominant roles, enveloping it with the covers of variable musical passages. Hero's Name completes the album with a swift drive of introduction and instrumental bridges, topped with charming phrases of female vocals. But in addition to the main part of the album, this release contains bonuses - a different interpretation of one of the album's compositions Shine No More (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track) with a bit of South American folklore shades and Shine No More (Demo 2011) (Bonus Track) as the example of its earlier sound.