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Khans and warlords worthy of memories

November 04, 2019
Барадж - Hunnar

The title Барадж - Hunnar composition raises a brooding broadcast, seeking the unity of vocal and instrumental entities. By raising exalted anticipations, Dunay softens the sound, giving it some shades of a romantic ballad, however Khiyal - Tulu completes the mesmerizing notes of romanticism with an instrumental sonata.
Reflecting on the reverence of the formidable warlord and the chieftain of the tribes Attila raises the banners of a significant anthem, slowly and informatively singing this awesome military leader in the chorus. Khiyal - Ildico again returns to brooding instrumental tunes.
But again, the Altynchach motives of romantic thoughts elevate the atmosphere of unhurried thoughtfulness, intertwining soft guitar and keyboard passages with unhurried phrases of clean vocals, which then recedes before growling, but returns to the final of the composition before the Khiyal - Altynchach Toshlare acoustic guitar's fingering.
Progressively alternating soft melodies with clean vocals and a harsh drive with growling Juketaw creates so variable musical image. Again alternating the compositions with an acoustic saga, Khiyal - Tedrehon brings some shades of oriental influences into the chime of strings. More than half of the composition, her music continues the soft acoustic chime of strings, then significantly and majestically growling raises scrolls of the Tengri solemn anthem. Khiyal - Qubrat Khan returns to the acoustic guitar again, introducing a musical atmosphere of some concern. Anxiety rises at the Bolgar Dalasy intro to new heights, however, vocals begin with stretched phrases of clean vocals intertwined with shades of progressive musical waves, but growling introduces trends of severe drive. Khiyal - Boyek Bolgar completes the trends of anxiety and restlessness with acoustic reflections, then Khiyal - Boygala ham Laish (Acoustic Version) concludes and pacifies the album with charming echoes of the singing of a bird intertwined with folklore motifs.