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Drink shot and roll - are you a troll?

November 04, 2016
Тролль Гнет Ель - Карьялали

Air frost, snow covers her veil all around - it's time to listen to Тролль Гнет Ель - Карьялали sheltered with warm plaid in a soft comfortable armchair!
Де-да creates a joyful drinking mood, combining male and female vocals. Let behind the walls of the hut hostile vortices hovers over us, blizzard whirles frosty snowflakes - there's here pensive peace of mind and serene delight here at all!
Northern winds and folk horns funny and insistently distinguish varieties of trolls - a particularly detailed and clearly described "Karelian troll" Карьяллтролль, he's country guy!
Thoughtful fraternization and the exaltation of each other, extolling the folklore motives in a friendly tone, and so related to Медведь йонне (feat. Jonne Jarvela)!
Countryside motives appeals to eternal values - for some people and nations that's,Самогонка, of course! Cheerful tunes and greatfull voices praises the value of this potion the best as they can!
Romance and lyrics elevate mood in the clouds, leading a gentle sensual vocals story unforgettable Холмогоры. Lyrical ballad inspires a lot, turning into delicate beautiful vocals of fairy, which is attaches to that story.
To dispel the heavy thoughts, doubts and uncertainty - there is a suggestion Выпить залпом!, drink in one gulp - so tomorrow comes much haster!
Dance joyful cheerful manner of the Ягода-года story captures the spirit and the body, without neglecting a single aspect. Oh, arms and legs start to dance - there's no use without us! No way!
Legends rise from ancient chronicles, echoes of spiritual guidance bring them to us - as fairy tale Сердце тролля, uniting in its image thoughtful and tranquil story with fury bursts transmitted by growling vocals.
The beautiful picture of icy northern sky dominated by female vocals, which powerful and rich saturates melodic ballad with its shades, impetuously taking us beneath the northern stars with the Нево sounds!