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Doubts envelops the mind with twilight mystery

August 08, 2020
Baron Crane - Commotions

The incredible mysteriousness and ambiguity of the artistry of the Firmin musical anticipation entwines music reflections with twilight pulsations of progressive musical breaks, long and painstakingly preparing the musical essence for the introduction of a musical artistry phrases.
The Acid Rains (feat. Arthur Brossard) complements the musical essence of the Baron Crane - Commotions album with a vocal part, while maintaining the incredible complexity and ornateness of building a musical composition.
Developing the echoes of blues and lounge Closing Door set by the previous composition, it brings the electronic influences of space rock into its sound. The On Rase Les Murs (feat. I.N.C.H) rebellious recitative of the guest vocalist's vocal phrases combines rap music with artistic variations of progressive musical solutions. The Fifth Stone concludes the album with an unclear and intriguing development of musical mysteries, fascinating with the vagueness of anticipation of their further path.