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Our path lies between light and darkness

August 08, 2020
One Way North - To Light

The Lie To Me vocals phrases roll with sad inspiration, alternating mood variations. The Alive continues the One Way North - To Light album with a mid-tempo dance of pulsating pulsations.
Bringing vocal grandeur to the fore Nothing That You Need inspires this sound with musical backing. The Warriors hardens the musical essence with the pulsation of a battle march. Complementing the music even more with drive, however, the Break This retains the mid-tempo sound. To Life continues the sound of the previous song, giving it more inspired vocals.
Mid-tempo reverie with notes of romanticism continues with mid-tempo marching pulsations and the bitterness of the Taking Over musical sound around the brooding romanticism of vocal phrases. Then the Bent Not Broken alternates and advises mid-tempo drive with vocal emotionality. The Wait For Me continues this fragment of the album with a romantic ballad with a brooding vocal narration trembling with suppressed emotions. Bringing vocals to the fore, the Myself Again anticipates a tribute to the Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi cover) legend's proper reinterpretation, complementing it and ending this album with the The Darkness Will Fade romantic ballad.