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Don't light your torch in my forge!

November 02, 2016
Unfathomable Ruination - Finitude

That's not describes image fully, that's just etude of the Unfathomable Ruination - Finitude !
Fiercely and jealously Pestilential Affinity embodies in its sounds variety of juggling pace and rhythm like a soulless toys. Then the guitar solo replaces all of this, but soon returns to enslavement of souls!
Vicious and complex intro of the Abdication Of Servitude turns into a quick zeal reaches the thoughtful and powerful story, and then again back to the fierce gusts untill melodic wisdom.
Like a swarm of angry and hungry insects Thy Venomous Coils flies on us, sweeping away all obstacles in its path, not accepting any slightest delay on its way!
The powerful, rhythmic beats of The Ephemeral Equation, pulsing like a heartbeat, trembling at every sound with its powerful dramatic sounds.
Inspired intro of the Nihilistic Theorem, then it crushes and grinds all around, breaks up and batters all around, shakes the foundations of the universe and destroys everything!
Dreamy melodic beginning distracts from the imperfection of being fascinated with beauty and tenderness. Then Neutralizer clearly and rhythmically continues to divide and conquer at all.
Inhuman Reclamation pulsing rhythm by breaking the remaining parts of the whole consciousness and intelligence, thrashing the minds and ordinary beings with Pervasive Despoilment feeding, stretching arms, tired from the devastation with slowly grinding and crushing the remnants of resistance, with florid guitar riffs that finishes the vocal phrases.
Almost-title track finishes with the Forge Of Finitude that artwork as well - slowly intriguing with the mysterious introduction, continuing to destroy remnants of opposing minds with the powerful blows.