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Coronation needs a great legend for it as well!

November 01, 2016
Heavenwood - The Tarot of the Bohemians

Legends come in different ways to reach us, listen to one of them Heavenwood - The Tarot of the Bohemians !
Symphonic and ornate start of The Juggler intriguing to further shifts between growling and screeching dreamy clean vocals.
Growl begins inspiring and sublime story of The High Priestess, followed elevated with inspiration, without compromising the power and spirit!
Furiously hammering and rhythmically moves the story continues The Empress its march to further inspirations, combines its lines with the clean and growling vocals.
More powerful fiercer, faster! The Emperor goes to his reign, not reducing - only increasing demands!
We presses with overhanging powerful requirements riffs and growl phrases of The Pope, encumbers us with their demands - we politely but firmly answer - and it outlines a memorable and exciting guitar riff.
Steps confident, and no one can stopThe Lovers on their way -tells firmly and solid, there's no break for their path!
Road hover over us with its swirls, the way wrapping The Chariot with incomprehensible pathes - its raged canvas have to be heard! There's no way to describe them as well, personal imagination there's only way to take expirience of it!
Thoughtful, considerate fascinating ballad requires Justice for all of us, ina different ways - justice far all!
Mysterious intro leisurely prepares us for a thoughtful and deliberate oriental motives that The Hermit pays us with ornate melodic ballad.
Powerfuly and zealously The Wheel of Fortune spins, calling to the all possible gods with changeable vocals!
Strength play all of us with its power, despising haste! Power! Rage! Hit! HIT! STEP! STEP!
Singing lady with her nervous story begins the legend of The Hanged Man, continued into magnificent ballad that ends that artwork as well!