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Do we know the origins of all faiths?

February 12, 2018
Funeral Winds - Sinister Creed

The mysterious echo of The Road to Perdition precedes an explosion of frenzy caused by violent and harsh vocal phrases beginning the Funeral Winds - Sinister Creed album with a wave of unrestrained drive that swiftly and sharply carries thoughts to the dark abyss. Then the mysterious pulsation returns a mysterious twilight haze, vocal phrases are distracted by prophetic reflections, anticipating the final wave of violent musical frenzy.
The musical fog of an unprecedented Cursed is this Pantheon of Flesh horror creates a binding darkness around vocal phrases, as if terrified by the surrounding horror and anger.
Demonic scream causes unprecedented spells the main motive of the The Arrival musical extravaganza, embodying all the valuable features of this musical style, piercing the space with its unforgettable sound.
The title track Sinister Creed swiftly rolls waves of dark gloom, trying to catch up and overtake the hurried vocal revelations.
Blood song is sealing a terrible fog, the vocals of the screaming try to break through the dense veils of ghostly demons, sometimes supplementing their parties with a shade of growling.
Covert vocal reflections, with female vocals on the background, enveloped in the haze of melodic music, begin a more subdued part of the album, in which the rage and drive are inferior to the melodic, time from time to time sweeping the vortexes of unrestrained drive, but again and again receding into the background. After the violent unrestrained flow of drive Black Moon Over Saturn focuses on leisurely reflections with a throbbing musical background.
In the Sekhmet song, the music becomes fiercer, more gentile and more durable, although the dark charm of the black melody.
Creaky vague phrases of ancient horror precede the beginning of the final track Nunc et in Hora Mortis Nostrae, developing the tendencies laid down in the previous compositions enchants with an even more dense and substantial whirlwind of dark musical charm, competing with the composition that embodied the best features of this musical style.