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Distant memories sometimes appears so unexpectedly

July 25, 2019
Stormlord - Far

An epic orchestral saga weaves the opening lace, then the music, preserving the melody and greatness, becomes harsher and the vocals complement the narration of the Leviathan song. The Mediterranea introduction is riding as an impetuous stream, but the main motive is already showing its enchanting sound, the introduction of the vocal somewhat holds back the swiftness of the musical passages, continuing the Stormlord - Far album with a charming triumph of epic melody. The title track Far retains an enchanting melody, but slows down the pace of vocal narration, combining screaming and growling, around which musical passages soar and crowns with the guitars solo enchanting melody. The final part of the composition is prefaced and then completes the phrases of clean vocals.
The singing of the birds and the enchanting romantic atmosphere of the brooding musical creation weave a fascinating musical canvas of the Sherden exciting ballad in which the rhythm section condenses the musical image, but the vocal phrases and the guitar solo of the instrumental part retains its melodic charm.
Beginning with romantic passages, Crimson then flies away in a rush of furious drive, entwining the impetuous musical image with whirlwinds of bright exciting passages. As if continuing the previous composition and showing the leitmotif of the album in the covers of the main motive, the Cimmeria composition again and again accentuates the name in the chorus.
The epic covers of the Invictus mystical mystery continue the musical extravaganza of the album, weaving the solemn covers of the enchanting anthem, but with the introduction of the vocal, giving the music shades of a rapid drive, returning to the original sound in the chorus. The clash of swords, the battle screams, precede the development of the Romulus main motive, following confidently and steadily along the chosen musical path. Inspiringly and thoughtfully weaving the mystery of the introduction Vacuna then transforms the sound with a bit of drive, alternating screaming and growling in vocal phrases. But the mystical haze of the introduction remains a won for subsequent composition. Levante completes the album, captivatingly and fascinatingly complementing the majestic sound of the leitmotif with meaningful and deep vocal phrases of the solemn anthem.