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Disasters, trials and worries cannot break individuality

August 08, 2019
6th Counted Murder - Individual

Developing the idea of the title track, Individual Born song 6th Counted Murder - Individual begins the album, violently tossing a whirlwind of drive into the introduction, then alternating between the fast-moving furious passages with the scriminine vocals with deep and thoughtful trends with growling. Pulsing drums solo with syncopation in intro, the Syncopate composition continues with broken thoughts with growling turning into a pulsating march, which transforms into a fast and furious drive.
The mysterious sacrament of intro is supplemented by powerful rhythmic passages, transformed into an inspired narrative of a verse that brings vocal inspiration in the bridge, but then in the chorus the Scent Of Despair title arises from the oblivion with the clean vocals phrases. The romantic sighs of the guitar solo ends with a pulsating mid-tempo march, then the Near Death Experience vocals appeal to the swiftness of the musical passages, then the music and vocals are intertwined in the enchanting dance of the main motive. Berserk as if continues the enchanting tunes of the main motive of the previous composition, raising the chalice of inspiration to the sparkling stars of valiant victories and heroic deeds.
Beginning with a romantic ballad, then She rolls waves of a pulsating march in a verse, then returning to the atmosphere of sensory experiences again and again. Brutal Engaged Abuse guitars intro captures with a whirlwind of bewitching legends, continuing to be transformed into the rolls of the harsh march of the bard's verse saga, returning to the fabulous inspiration in the chorus with the clean vocals phrases. uprises the vocal part, composed of alternating clean vocals and growling to the top of the musical image of the Cloud Nine composition.
Continuing the fabulous narrative from a series of fast-moving doubts associated with vocal phrases that fused screaming and harsh in a couplet, then Apocalypse In Human Features transforms into an interweaving of growling with sensual emotions in a bridge and an inspired narrative of vocals in a chorus. The speeches of the radio announcer broadcasts riots, unrest and disasters, then a rapid stream of drive disperses these doubts and House Of Lies vocals combines mesmerizing phrases of clean vocals with background screaming and growling shades.