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Molfars, druids and fairies held a meeting in the Carpathians

August 08, 2019
 Illyria - The Carpathian Summit

Resurgence begins softly and intriguingly, then whirlwinds of epic fairy-tale motifs envelop the harsh vocal phrases, weaving lace of screaming and growling, inspired by covers, but then the vocals are transformed into dreamy urges of clean vocals phrases shrouded in a romantic haze of enchanting atmospheric passages. Wilderness continues the Illyria - The Carpathian Summit album with epic trends, bringing the vocal urges of screaming to the forefront of the musical image, crowning them with bewitching dreamy phrases of clean vocals and warlike howls of growling.
Muffled vocal reflections and the acoustic chime of guitar strings continue this musical creation with the tunes of the Autumn Fades Away bard song, sitting in the evenings around the bonfire.But in the final part of the composition, the musical narrative is transformed by demons rising from the twilight shadows, turning the vocal part into screaming, and the music into inspired whirlwinds of the drive, preserving the song's melody.
The following composition is divided into two parts - first, Echo Flower, Pt. 1 acoustic guitar fingering, complemented by the dubious chorale hones, then Echo Flower, Pt. 2 drive wave with sparkling inspirational flashes of guitar passages, sometimes breaking off with nervous nervous vocal outcuts to the forefront of the musical image. The musical passages of the final part bring the atmosphere of jazz improvisation. Combining the epic reverie of the bard saga with the atmosphere of a pacifying lounge. Then The Second Day of Spring vocals complement the sound first with a muffled insinuating whisper, then ascends in inspired phrases of screaming, invoking the musical waves of the drive, however preserving the melody.
Continuing to stay in the expanses of epic tales, the enchanting ballad of the Swansong composition crowns musical passages with emotional vocal phrases, transforming the screaming musical spaces into a concentration of emotions. Then, in the instrumental part, the progressive and bewitching rhythm is transformed into charmingly complex impressive musical lace. Kenopsia preserves at first a mesmerizing fairy tale epic, then explodes with a rapid stream of drive with a vocal part, but then pacifies the pace, to complement the melody with a certain bit of drive.
Bird singing and bewitching guitar acoustics begins The Carpathian Summit title track, then complementing them with dreamy tunes of clean vocals, then the music and vocals are hardened, but the mid-tempo vortices of the musical drive retain melodic inspiration.
The drum roll of the The Final Bastion introduction ends with a pulsating mid-tempo march, fusing the three vocal styles in the vocal part of the chorus - clean, screening and growling. In the verse, screaming comes to the forefront of the rapid flow of music. Winter's Wedding ends the album first with muffled emotional reflection with a soft chime of guitar strings, then breaking the musical calm with a harsh growling vocals and riding away in a fast stream of drive along with screaming vocals.