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October 17, 2019
 Blood Stain Child - Amateras

Exploding in a frantic wave of drive and vocal rage New Space Order then displays the dreamy tunes of clean vocals and the influences of a space symphony on the front edge of a musical image. The charming intrigue continues with the soft notes of the piano, then Del-Sol 1.02 continues the Blood Stain Child - Amateras album with exciting musical motifs, intertwining electronic impulses and echoes of epic sagas in its lace.
But the electronic shades of futuristic musical motifs come to the fore in interweaving in the Earth single musical stream with the symphonic trends of Japanese folklore and retreating in front of the fury of the metal drive in the verse. Eastern Gravity continues the style of the previous composition, facilitating sounding and paying more attention to the pure ovale, shrouded in the covers of musical symphony.
Flies away on the waves of a furious drive, vBSC shrouded in vortices of melodic passages and elevating severe vocals phrases to the top of the musical image. While preserving the power and strength of musical sound, Love inPulse compacts the rhythmic structure to a mid-tempo march, shrouded in shades of electronic pulses.
Returning to swiftness again, Luminus Infelno focuses most attention on the guitar solo crowning the musical canvas, alternating harsh and clean vocals in the vocal part. A furious drive of intro and 8bit Blackhole instrumental bridges divides the verses and choruses topped by an arch of electronic sparks.
Inspirational symphonic banners of the Lost Humanity solemn anthem inspires unforgettable impressions. 3+6+9 continues the inspired passages of the previous composition, giving them waves of drive and pulsating ragged fragments. Sumeragi completes the album, combining electronic shades of popular music, epic symphonies of ancient fairy tales and whirlwinds of metal drive in a single composition.