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Destructive rage will destroy everything on its path

August 16, 2020
Ton (USA) - Ashes Where They Stood

The Provacateur intro guitar solo weaves with enigmatic anticipation, but the intro vocals combining screaming and several variations of growling explodes with fierce drive, complementing the musical sound with vocal changes. The bass guitar solo anticipates the incredibly progressive and impressive sound of the Manzanar composition, which continues the Ton (USA) - Ashes Where They Stood album with an incredibly bright musical canvas.
Returning again and again to the main motive the Panacea track complements its sound with a multitude of whirlwinds of musical variations. The Judgement song brings vocals to the fore, complementing the alternation of screaming and growling with appropriate background music.
Rolling musical wave the Defect crowns them with vocal phrases, alternating and combining screaming and growling in a duet. Starting with a mid-tempo musical sound, the Lex Taliones song then accelerates to a rapid drive, hardening growling to guttural depth, then from time to time returning to a mid-tempo romanticism.
Furiously, powerfully and angrily the Human War Machine brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, giving energy and impetuosity with instrumental fragments. Immediately starting with vocal phrases that present a clot of rage and anger, the Ashes concludes the album.