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Destiny armor is forged only in this blacksmith

May 29, 2018
Genocide Method - Forged In Death

Flying on the wave of dark drive wings, entwined with melodious guitar passages, Kiss Of Death starts the Genocide Method - Forged In Death album with the raw energy, alternating in the vocal part of screaming and growling, leaving the latter in the lead role in the first composition. Thoughtful doubts of the guitar solo complete the song, anticipating the Legends Of The Sky introduction with violent threshing sounding sweeping irritation, the vocal tries to pacify the growing outrage, but in instrumental bridges music continues demoniacal provocations. In the choruses, vocal shades are combined together with instrumental ideas, raising supplications to the heavens. The instrumental part begins with bass solo guitars, then the solo guitar introduces an element of epic fairy-tale, bringing in the breeze of ancient legends while completing the composition.
The dark fog hides the dance of mysterious spirits circling around the evening campfire with vague whirls in the surrounding darkness, weaving in the unhurried dance of dark and gloomy Empress music. The guitar solo in the instrumental part tends to break the fetters of darkness, but the vocals complete the composition in the same gloomy twilight.
The fabulous atmosphere of the organ symphony creates a mystical atmosphere, enveloping the epic Bathe In Their Blood story with anxious vocal phrases hiding in a sacred cave, fearing the surrounding beasts, undead and evil spells.
Discarding the binding bonds of darkness, Infest Us is carried away in a swift zeal for the light in the introduction, then pondering the direction in the mid-tempo bends in verses, again sweeping the impetuosity in the bridges. The instrumental part introduces a guitar solo exuberantly bringing romantic dreams. But darkness and darkness return with a dense wave. Hidden behind the walls of unbreakable Fortress musical images refuges in a safe haven. Then the composition is based on vocal dialogue - screaming and growling ask each other questions and wait for answers. Guitar solo in the instrumental part brings bright melody to the fortress everyday life, but hasty musical warnings and cautious vocal phrases complete the composition with a foggy drive.
So thoughtful bard is hiding in the shadows of a roadside tavern thinks about his wanderings, but a pulsating wave of dark power rolls over the gloomy shaft of Arranged For Display musical drive, completing the composition with a clear fusion of black metal. But then the enchanting dreams give inspiration, returning the rolling march