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There's something that is infallible - that always will remain irrefutably

June 24, 2017
Iced Earth - Incorruptible

Entering like celebrating marches, Iced Earth - Incorruptible with the introduction of the vocal traits musical images in the ears of the masses, uniting the nobility and the people.
Heraldically, pathetically and solemnly beginning, Great Heathen Army continues in a rigid and measured manner to proclaim one's aspirations. Vocals enter as angry squeal, after a brief pause turning into a familiar, measured, clear, changeable sound.
Chime, restrainingly circling the bell, calls to witches, warlocks and others who bow to the Black Flag. The gloomy, measured march, that replacing violent vocal screams with measured harsh phrases, causes the wave of violent drive!
Starts like mediocre, dreamy ballad, Raven Wing turns into zealous, touching saga of forgotten bard that requires attention and has exhausted in view of its absence as well.
Bard continues to demand attention, starting again a thoughtful and mulled story, revealing The Veil story for all of us. Then the stories elevate the power and perseverance to the skies, remaining an emotional and thoughtful ballad.
he forgotten and unforgettable melodies are flowing in the whirlwind of Seven Headed Whore and round dance of invisible ghosts, harsh vocal phrases are replacing with the hysterical cries and in this manner all composition.
Variable, complex rhythm fascinates in their changes, vocal phrases are lost and soared to the top of the musical image. In these unexpected and fascinating alternations, composition The Relic (Part 1) captivates in its sound, concealing the surrounding ordinary and boring reality Instrumental saga Ghost Dance (Awaken The Ancestors) combines medieval motifs, bardic legends and minstrel melodies with solemn, proud marches in a single vein and a single musical stream Starting wistful, dreamy ballad Brothers turns into the prevalence of traditional values, extolling the brotherhood over tha various temptations to pervert from the path of truth.
Whirlwinds, ornate Dance of guitar motifs creates complex, unimaginable and burning dance of music, accompanied by various and vivid splashes of vocal phrases, creating the sparkling tunnel that recreating the charming hall in the chorus.
The medieval minstrels and bards arises from oblivion, extolling their motives and marches, invoking bagpipes and marching heralds for the Clear The Way (December 13th, 1862) intro, completing the album in a proud and solemn manner.