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Death prevails deception of doom

March 02, 2022
Nihilo - Doom

After a long, thorough and painstaking introduction, the Abuse Of Confidence song speeds up in a furious whirl of musical fury, combining alternating screaming and growling of the vocal part with artistic changes of sound. The Death Prevails track continues the Nihilo - Doom album with militant sound with echoes of oriental motifs, starting with a rolling battle march in accordance with the introduction of the vocals, getting up with the acceleration of the furious unity of music and vocals in the chorus, getting into a deadly dance of furious battle.
The introduction of the furious guitar solo precedes the further development of the Deception Of Existence musical thriller, after the introduction of the church march uniting the spiritual rhythm with the rolling drive of the Fueled By Suspicion song, interweaving the vocals and music in a single blade of a flaming punishing sword, continuing this suspension of musical fury in the swift musical whirl of the Orange Hazard composition.
The twilight mystery of the dark musical variations envelops the impenetrable shadowy roundelays in the unhurried introduction of the Menace Of Wrath battle anthem, which straddles the line between a furious speed assault and a dense rhythmic march. After brief and insistent preparation, the Deceptive World musical thriller rushes into a fierce attack, glittering with the glow of dark faceted blades, eager to bathe in the enemy's blood.
Rhythmic, dense and powerful Antichrist intro sets the echoes of the leitmotif, then again and again accompanying the transformation of the rhythmic structure. The Doom title track closes the album with the unity and alternation of rhythmic march and rolls of powerful, but restrained by the shackles of armor mid-tempo drive.