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There are innumerable thoughts ahead

March 01, 2022
Exek - Ahead Of Two Thoughts

The vocal mystery together with the musical intrigue open the musical gates of the Exek - Ahead Of Two Thoughts album, together embodied in the sound of the U Mop song in unity with the progressive brokenness of the musical structures. Musical tunes of the battle march anticipate the mystery of the development of the Punishment composition, fascinating obscurity of the musical haze.
In the rhythmic sound of the Weight Loss (Henry's Dream) song, a special place in the sound of the leitmotif is found for the bass guitar, combined in unity with the doubts of the vocal reflections. The Fluent In English vocal part comes to the forefront of the musical image, enveloping with the mysterious vocal phrases with a twilight musical veil.
The background musical mystery of the Prawn Watching epic tale with motifs of medieval bard sagas is supplemented by background vocals narrations of the invisible storyteller and wordless chorales of unseen spirits, continuing similar storytelling motifs with echoes of druid rituals in the complex progressive To Medicine (Biased Advice) musical story supplementing the musical mystery with intriguing vocal singularity.
Then the vocal part of the Elevator Etiquette song moves to the forefront of the musical image supported by the pulsating heartbeat of the bass guitar and the intriguing percussion pattern. The Actress Practice composition completes the album with the unity of epic medieval motifs and vocal tunes of a wandering bard with futuristic musical notes of electronic impulses.