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Death constantly keeps its diary

July 14, 2018
Bloodlost - Diary Of Death

Hell Collide Heaven intro epically and solemnly sets the majestic mood, creating fascinating shades of the variety of the Bloodlost - Diary Of Death album. But for this style there are energy and drive, Need Of Brutality fully reflects these aspects. In the chorus, swift passages return to a significant epic, anticipating the majestic guitar solo of the instrumental part.
Continuing a very sounding album, Necromancer raises a whirlwind of black magic, enveloping the surrounding space with dark spells. The vocals begin insinuatingly and are swept in an aggressive blast of the bridge, preceded by a pulsing refrain. Evil To The Cross continues the sound of the previous composition, supplementing the vocal art with the adherents supporting the necromancer.
The Ghost Of My Way introduction introduces a wave of medieval romance, developing an inspired ballad of vocal reflections and enchanting musical motifs. Then the vocals stir up the music, for a while taking the song to the mid-tempo drive.
The rapid flow of drive is carried away by an uncontrolled stream of violent revelations, alternating with vocal confessions, hurriedly leading to the accentuation of the The Lord Of Destruction title.
Fuck You is not just Overkill cover - because that was cover too. But clearly the sound of this composition had an indelible influence on the sound of this cover.
Recovering the atmosphere of 80x The Party Is Not Dead adheres to this style - sweeping off newfangled trends, like useless thoughts and trends. Bones Crusher and the subsequent composition Back To Cemetery merges into a vortex of dark drive, accentuating the name again and again and complementing the sound of a swift race in the second part. Guitar parts envelop the vocal phrases with the covers of dark magic, complementing the sound with very melodic and spectacular parts in instrumental bridges. Zombie Attack - that's not Tankard cover: very successful composition spectacularly and entertaining completes the album, combining its features together.