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All that does not break us - makes us stronger

July 13, 2018
Varsovie - Coups Et Blessures

Brightly and enthusiastically, title track Coups Et Blessures upraises the mood above everyday experiences, but the vocals lower the sensual mood in twilight limits, setting the psychedelic mood of the Varsovie - Coups Et Blessures album.
Beginning in painful reverie, Revers De L'aube progressively and lengthy unfolds its narrative - however, in this complex presentation, sensuality and experiences are announced. It should be noted that the first compositions of the album were very interesting - although this genre rarely gives out anything unforgettable. Va Dire A SparteRecitative creates an ambiguous mood, winding up the premonitions on the axis of future impressions. Then drive rolls the waves of rocks in the sad and painful manner, leaving the same depressing mood.
Pulsating drive hastily rolls waves of emotions, again and again pumping more and more feelings and emotions and exploding with an unrestrained burst of the Killing Anna chorus.
Causing a storm of emotions and emotions in Le Lac as if continuing a wave of feelings and thoughts, for a while pushes the drive away with vocal phrases. However, then the vocal party calls for waves of romanticism, enveloping in an increasingly sensual and romantic atmosphere. Intersections continues this atmosphere, elevating the melodic with a progressive tinge to the wings of the drive. However, vocals call for a long romance, complementing the sound with a touch of sounforgettable chanson.
Pulsating reflections appeal to better memories, ringing back precious thoughts about past achievements. Discipline appears as the very interesting combination of a new wave and long-standing experiences.
Chevaux EchappesStarting in a thoughtful manner, creating a charming image of the main motif 1 heavens and compacts the sound, supplementing the instrumental saga with glamorous shades, thunderstikes and rain.
The album completes the marvelous Feux unity of romance with enchanting shades of minstrel ballads and the influence of the unrestrained rock "n" roll drive.