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Some disasters can cause distressed state of all around

July 15, 2018
10 000 Russos - Distress Distress

The Germinal introduction envelops with electronic impulses, invoking waves of distant galaxies. Then the main motive encourages other musical tones and vocal phrases to follow the specified path and surrounded by mysterious echoes creates an atmosphere inherent in the 10 000 Russos - Distress Distress album.
Compounding the sound with energetic rhythms, Tutilitarian leaves the vocal on the background, forcing the sighs of the main motive, over which the fogs of obscure musical tones is hovering.
Somewhat restraining the dominant rhythm Europa Kaput weaves musical and vocal motifs in the dance of nervous experiences, mystical mysteries and obscure rituals, enveloping music with the obscure haze of distorted images.
The music in the introduction aggressively and stubbornly promotes the main motive, which is pierced and fanned by electronic impulses and mysterious echoes - which come from either the distant future, or call mystical spirits from the distant past. Mostly instrumental composition ISM only puzzles riddles, the solutions of which will come to everyone their own - the vocals only occasionally supplement the music with brief phrases.
Pulsing in the impulses of guarded pulsations, leaving the vocal phrases on a distant background, the Radio 1 music warily and thoughtfully develops in the obscure atmosphere of the futuristic impulses that are capturing in the whirlwind of psychedelic passages.
The title track Distress completes the album, twisted in a mysterious atmosphere of musical delights, pulsating like the heartbeat of an unconscious giant emerging from clouded clouds and occasionally complementing its appearance by accentuating the name of the composition.