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Strike back to all that you have accepted in the past

January 30, 2017
Cruz - Culto Abismal

Fury and rage are combined in iridescent bursts of Cruz - Culto Abismal , that heve to be accepted for the calm future.
Rage and anger are harnessed to a cart, carrying Mundos Disformes to meet the impending battles. There's no senses for the regrets of the past deeds at all - have to be ready for the further acts, with the calm preperations with melodious sounds at the end of this song.
Another fast and furious A Cops De Destral rushes in striving to crush all around, sweeping away and not looking - who is a friend, who is foe. All around have to be destroyed - so crush all on sight! Break it into tiny shards!
Fury and rage are not found calm, they tend to aggravate their actions in Intruso, in enchanting guitar solo causing additional turns of their forces. But thoughtful instrumental rhythmic pace completes the composition.
Title track contains a concentration of fury and wrath, spilling it first in a rapid rush, then in concentrated mocking dilatory, speeding up their bullying to an end.
Reasonable anger and rage continue to appeals to the heavenly powers, La Caza sounds as the embodiment of fierce desires. But anyone crazy anger needs in meditations, embodied in instrumental respite, but breaks down in mindless burst to complete ideas at will.
Strike! Splash of frenzied rhythm as answer! Strike again! La Pitjor De Les Plagues continues with tough harsh vocals phrases and dense musical breaks as the responses on that furious blows.
A viscous, dense embodiment of violent aggression stems in dense fog of Pesanta intro, next its sound releases and breaks free in furious and violent endeavors to spread all around into the chips!
Fog and haze of indignant rage envelops us with Tumbas Ciclopeas, combining rage and anger in the power of a mid-tempo burst, bringing instrumental respite for all and the preparations for the final burst of furious rabies that ends the entire artwork.