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Darkness and light complement each other

January 19, 2019
Chanid - Lucifer

The noise of distant winds, the mystery of unclear omens are embodied in the Introit Lucifer introduction of the Chanid - Lucifer concept album.
The chants and the prayers of the attendants complete the composition, foreshadowing the Evocation of Lucifer intro, ascending at first, magnificent predictions, but then carried off by a gloomy wave of dark drive. Vocal phrases point the way to musical passages.
Shrouding the mind in thoughtful dusk Misterium II then explodes with a deadly dance of fierce drive, twisting in a whirlwind of irrepressible musical passages around vocal phrases. After such a furious drive, the vocals freeze in thought, accumulating strength and energy for the final spurt. Chimes and slow phrases complete the composition.
The pulsating sacrament of the mid-tempo march enters, but the swift stream of furious passages takes the music into the unknown distance, retaining, however, the charm of the Consummatum Est! main motive.
The gloomy solemnity creates a unique background for the Pamiec Swiatlosci dark lyrics, creating, perhaps, the atmosphere of the most successful composition of the album, in which the band pushed the English lyrics aside.
The gloomy limits of the main motive recreate the halls of Under the Sign of Lucifer intro, developing more and more in the fascinating twilight of a composition. In the instrumental bridges, rage and fury burst into the musical image, carrying away the vocal narration on its dark wings.
Appealing to the primordial canons of ferrous metal Ancient Forces summons angry demones, embodying the intrinsic traits of the style. Stagnant Hours continues these trends, pumping up swift passages, summing up vocal appeals. But after a fierce drive, the instrumental bridge brings a brooding tune. This hymn pulsates in tunes that can be mistaken for a chorus, but they and the entire alom end with a stream of frantic drive.