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Dark side of truth

July 10, 2022
Danheim - Skapanir

The Intro track creates the atmosphere of the mysterious beginning of the Danheim - Skapanir album, continuing with soothing vocal melodies in the twilight atmosphere of the Kala musical tale.
Continuing the atmosphere of musical mystery, the Blotjarl mystical priestly ritual envelops with ghosts of mysterious visions and invisible vortices of spirits, accentuating natural magic with the priest's chants in the sound of the Aesir (feat. Heldom) composition.
Continuing the atmosphere of northern folklore, the Forndagr instrumental tale accentuates epic sagas, anticipating the development of forgotten Viking legends in the sound of the Faldne composition.
The title track of the Skapanir album with a fascinating chime of strings embodies the long-standing songs of the skalds, enveloping in the atmosphere of legends about the exploits of the heroes in the eternal battle, the Vetrnatta Blot track continues the step with a rhythmic musical procession, continuing in a more accentuated pressure of the sound of the Ragnakamp composition, complementing this step with a wolf howl on the background and muted background vocals chorales.
The Reida ritual tune brings the vocal narrative to the forefront of the musical image, then wrapping the enchanting dances with vortices of the Blodfest (feat. Heldom) musical mystery and foreshadowing the end of the album with the Hefna unity of modern music and epic motifs of northern folklore.