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We are going to heaven... or not?

July 10, 2022
Shaman (BRA) - Rescue

The Shaman (BRA) - Rescue album's instrumental intro Tribute shrouds in the symphonic grandeur of musical artistry, developing this musical charm into a single melody and drive in the Time Is Running Out rapid musical whirlwind around inspired vocals phrases. Ritual motifs and mysterious conjectures anticipate the artistic charm of the The I Inside brooding ballad.
The bright musical motifs of the Don't Let It Rain composition raise banners of musical charm, anticipating the intriguing mystery of the introduction of the Where Are You Now? ballad, enveloping vocal reflections with enchanting covers of light sadness and vague sadness, continuing the melodic romanticism in The Spirit introduction, then excitingly combining vocal emotionality with musical artistry.
Returning again to unhurried reflections, the Gone Too Soon ballad complements the vocal reverie with a symphonic charm of musical grandeur. The Boundaries of Heaven composition weaves a fascinating lace of musical diversity, continuing romantic thoughtfulness and majestic reflection. The marching squad, the distant commands of the commander create an introduction to the Brand New Me ballad, embodying and rethinking the spiritual transformation of the personalities who have passed the military forge.
After the intriguing mystery of the introduction, the What If? composition rolls out a musical canvas, along which the vocal part marches in unity of solemnity and doubts, The Final Rescue symphonic suite fascinates with musical artistry, combining keyboard passages and the mesmerizing crying violin solo, rattling the album with vocal emotions in the sound of the Resilience acoustic ballad.