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Just turn me in

July 10, 2022
Gramma Vedetta - The Hum Of The Machine

The intriguing mystery of the introduction continues with the mesmerizing twilight of the A Chance To Win The Orb song's vocals tale, wrapped in veils of charm. The Starlight Portal Show composition begins with the sound of fairgrounds, then marches with a rhythmic march that brings the influence of the atmosphere of the show to the Gramma Vedetta - The Hum Of The Machine album.
The guitar solo of the introduction lays the foundation for the guitar riffs of the Robots For War main motif, the crests of the waves of which are crowned with vocal phrases. The A Broken Time Machine song begins with an intriguing guitar chime further romantic vocal reflections anticipate further ballad.
Rhythmically, clearly and irrepressibly, the footsteps of The Electric Game music march drive footsteps into the footsteps of its musical procession. The Future Of The Past composition brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image of its solemn procession.
The mystery of the Transmission's On musical tale captivates with its charm - there is no point in describing, listening to it (to be honest - again and again!), the solo bass of the guitar creates an intriguing introduction, developing in musical mystery with notes of the blues of The General Magnetic And The Spanish Wormhole composition. The I Feel The Comfort (The Hum Of The Machine) song (as a title track) completes the album with a folkloric touch of epic mystery.