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Dark magic of the past echoes the grim technologies of the future

December 08, 2018
ArchiTorture - World Peace

The gloomy sacrament envelops the Dark Matter Annihilation introduction, then the ArchiTorture - World Peace album is illuminated by a swift wave of drive, passing by impetuous instrumental passages through the darkness. Thoughtful mystical tunes for a while pacify the drive, but he returns to complete the composition.
Vocal phrases complement the narration, starting Necromancy Amplifier with mid-tempo meditation, then the instrumental bridge sweeps up at a rapid pace, but the vocal tends to return to the average tempo. In the bustle of this competition, the composition reaches the chorus, before that the memorable melodious guitar riff dominates the musical image.
A wave of frantic rabies immediately injects a swift drive, but then in the Addiction vocal narration manifests a fascinating spell of shades of progressive melody. Guitar solo in the instrumental part develops this charm, giving the composition trends of romanticism, culminating in bass guitar solo.
Twisted from side to side, the narration of the Gone With The Blastwave composition with the introduction of vocals is carried away by an uncontrollable wave of drive, sweeping away all the obstacles on the chosen path. Then instrumental bridges bring in elements of reverie, the refrain precedes a fascinating melodic guitar solo.
The dim haze of the mysterious Weapon With Consciousness introduction envelops vocal phrases, which bring waves to the song. In the chorus, the vocals becomes tougher, sounds close to growling, calling for bitterness and harding of the musical canvas in the final part.
The veil of pre-dread eerie envelops a leisurely mysterious Immaculate Darkness intro by a twilight haze, then a furious drive and vocal rage disperse a haze of fog and are carried away in an impetuous drive to an instrumental bridge, in which a very bright guitar passage appears, becoming the leitmotif of further composition.
The elder gathers children around him, urging him to hurry on the excursion, then the Massacre 912 explodes with an unrestrained wave of drive. Consistently evolving from a mysterious Blood God introduction, the main motive rises in a majestic march, then whips up a rampant procession of frantic drive, manifesting melodious tones in fascinating instrumental bridges calling for grandeur in the chorus. In the instrumental part comes to the attention of an epic solemnity, culminating in an exciting guitar solo.
The title track World Peace completes the album, summing up the adventures and experiences, the musical canvas tends to catch up to hurried vocal phrases.