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Unsurpassed hero goes to fight with dragons

December 09, 2018
Heroes Of Forgotten Kingdoms - Dragonslayer

The storyteller begins the album with the narration of the Heroes Of Forgotten Kingdoms - Dragonslayer fairy tale, amid the noise of a fire and distant drums precede the development of the self titled first composition of the album Heroes Of Forgotten Kingdoms. Completion of the narrative is combined with the chime of swords and war alarm precedes the Dragons' Awakening (Feat. Blodiga Skald) epic composition, in which the main motive is manifested in a fascinating melodic passage. The vocals begin with a dreamy clean, then from time to time the severe growling complements the musical image of the song.
The solemn orchestral suite anticipates the development of the musical image of the The Last Knight song, then the music enveloping vocal phrases is complemented by the melodies of violin passages. The final part completes the composition by honoring the ancient bards.
The impetuous whirlwind of the The Ancient Will Of The Prophecy (Feat. Giacomo Voli) main motive carries you on to musical wanderings, enveloping vocal phrases with the adventures of adventure and fabulous charm. In the chorus, the choir of adepts supports the vocal part. Power Of Magic continues this stylistics, complementing the musical canvas with the charm of violin passages, bringing them to the forefront of the musical image. The music in the verses is tightened, raising vocal phrases more dense and harsh sound.
The guitar solo brings a marvelous melody to the forefront, the Realm Of Holy Leaves vocal part begins with dreamy phrases of a singing lady, shrouded in a fascinating chime of keyboard passages.
So pensive romantic ballad Deadly Crimson Flower begins with male vocals, framed with brooding acoustic passages. Then the musical canvas rolls the track in front of the singing lady and in the final part the male and female vocals are woven together in a charming duet.
Subdued suppressed reflections and saddened piano anticipates the development of the Lord Of The Seas composition, then pulsating medium-tempo music creates the background for vocal reflections, covered by the charm of violin motifs.
Drum roll, wind and surf noise anticipate the manifestation of a fascinating epic Winds Of War main motive, in the instrumental bridges and choruses, the majestic violin passages complement the music and vocal part with its charm.
The title track Dragonslayer concludes the album with an enthusiastic narration, raising valiant music covers and honoring the hero with a spellbinding majestic melody.