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They come out from the darkness of the night

December 07, 2018
King Bolete - A Deal With the Dark Ones

A deep, sonorous and meaningful riff opens the introduction of the Green Witch song, then a marvelous guitar polo covers the viscous musical canvas with a trend of charm and causes vocal narration. Then the instrumental bridge transforms the musical image of the composition with the guitar passage, accelerating the tempo and giving some swiftness to the King Bolete - A Deal With the Dark Ones album's narration.
The majestic riff and epic motive for the introduction is transformed with the introduction of vocals, bringing the spirit of freedom and rebellious mood into the Down to the Chapel song, weaving ancient legends and a restless desire for novelty and changes.
A soft, thoughtful and charming melody envelops the Palm Reader composition's intro with romantic trends, setting the mood of the magnificent ballad, compacted after the instrumental bridge with loud, rhythmic passages. Continuing the soft and unhurried sound, the music of the Standing Stones song condenses the sound, creating a dense and viscous background for vocal thinking, bringing to the composition notes of experiences and soaring with dreamy phrases over the ordinary routine. The Liquid Moon song continues to sound in the same style, the vocal part complements the soft ballad with fabulous trends, calling for dreams and tales, giving epic and thoughtfulness to a musical image. Compressing the rhythm and sound of the final part, the music anticipates the harsh and impetuous drive of the final composition Wolf Driver, which weights the musical image of the album and gives metall music hues to this artwork.