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Dark clouds of ancient legends

September 03, 2019
BlackHelm (Aus) - Dark Clouds of the Inferno

The introduction of the One Thousand Years song unfolds the canvas of musical twilight, then carried away in a swift drive and an unbridled furious whirlwind, anticipating the wandering of musical passages around vocal phrases of the next composition Banished and Powerless, complementing gloomy musical passages with harsh vocal phrases embodying in the variable growling. the severity of dark prophecies and the emotional ascension of readiness for trials, fights and battles. The Infinite Void fully embodies the essence of the BlackHelm (Aus) - Dark Clouds of the Inferno album, weaving a bewitching lace of musical passages, enveloping vocal phrases with the tales of ancient tales and knightly sagas. Of Serpent and Stone as if continues the previous composition, supplementing its title with its own one and continuing the development of the main motive into powerful waves of a pulsating march.
Grinding the alarming forebodings with the blacksmith's hammer, Carving a Titan then comes forward in a gloomy proclamation of the embodiment of a mystical entity, enveloping with alarming forebodings of the spells depicted on the scrolls. Embrace the Ravenous enhances the severity and drive of the narrative while continuing the deadly dance of driving the previous song.
The following composition Carving a Titan sets the fabulous trends of the bard saga, enveloping the duet of sishta male and female vocals with the bewitching atmosphere of a fantastic mystery. The title composition Dark Clouds of the Inferno completes the album, embodying the unity of mystical fabulousness and severe drive, intertwining and alternating them in a compositional structure.