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Premonitions of obscure echoes of ancient prophecies

September 03, 2019
 Into Orbit - Kinesis

The mysterious fog of the introduction of the Shifter song ends with a wave of measured drive, then curling the lace of musical vortices around the axis of the composition, but in the final part it complements the beginning of the Into Orbit - Kinesis album with with severe trends of a significant anthem. An alarming siren of guitars notes in the background sets a restless mood and anticipation of trouble in the Between Stars intro. Then these forebodings develop into the stubbornness of a stern march, which sometimes winds around the winds of the reverie of a guitar solo.
After worries and worries, Crystallise envelops in an atmosphere of peace and wise meditation, mesmerizing with pensive variations of the musical narration. But keeping calm, the Summoning composition raises the banner of the solemn anthem, slowly, sternly and confidently walking along the chosen musical path. After sobering experiences, Nil sets the mood for calm and conciliation, further enveloping the atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the pensive sound of Emergence composition, gently and leisurely strolling its musical path in an atmosphere of incredible calm. Burial Mask captivates with anticipation and anticipation of adventures and trials in the introduction, then enveloping the guitar passages of the main motive with the pulsating atmosphere of musical variations.
A mysterious chime sets the sound of the Pale Sky main motive, then this pulsating action is complemented by the mystical echoes of variations of the guitar solo. Continuing with a mysterious chime Horus ends the album with progressive trends of disturbing whirlwinds, enveloping the musical narrative with gloomy prophecies of impending disasters.