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We will celebrate so thoughtfully and peacefully

September 04, 2019
Grady Spencer & The Work - Celebrate

Inspiration of native lands and appeal to a loved one With Me is emphasized in the chorus, complementing the main male vocals with charming shades of female. Our Time continues the Grady Spencer & The Work - Celebrate album, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical narration and preserving the atmosphere of the native lands.
The title track Celebrate brings to the album an atmosphere of a certain holiday, majestically and restrained appealing to the celebration of family and friends. Then the Part Of Me composition supplements the light atmosphere of joy with a symphonic shade of keyboard passages.
The rhythm slapping in the palms creates the background for the Living Lies musical composition, alternating the vocal part of the instrumental bridges on the front edge of the musical image. Deep thoughts on the rhythm of the guitar and the enchanting sparkles of the guitar solo are interwoven into the lace of the Forest Song main motive, raising vocal phrases in the rays of general attention.
The vocals immediately go to the forefront of the Grant musical narrative, appealing for thought and memory. But then Rich In Love envelops a bewitching romantic atmosphere of declarations of love and emotional feelings. But maintaining a slight touch of joy Idle Hands inspires with relaxation of the body and mind from the frivolity of idleness. But a relaxed vacation ends with the painful expectation of home expanses and envelops an irresistible expectation of the Coming Home travel. And these journeys culminate in an incredible calm, completing the album with a thoughtful and inspired Abilene romance.