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Dark Ages spreads over the world as the dragon's wings

December 28, 2017
Alan Simon - Excalibur IV: The Dark Age of the Dragon

The first track The Wings of Dragon begins the Alan Simon - Excalibur IV: The Dark Age of the Dragon album so diverse and many-valued that this instrumental saga can be described wordly - at first the melody gives a reference to the OST of videogames and movies. Folklore elements are clearly felt in it, in addition, there are even instrumental parts in it, which in many peoples are called in different ways - best known as the vargan or jew's-harp.
But the vocals complete the composition, immediately appearing in the sound of lyrical ballad Alone, where the vocal and pensive, wise and meaningful keyboards passages dominates. In addition, from time to time this wonderful composition is complemented by a sax solo and iromantic violin motifs.
The charming, spectacular melody of the Stonehenge main motive combines vocal shades, guitar riffs and sax solo, ending with muffled phrases against the background and memories of the Druid followers.
Feelings and thoughts in love doubts are embodied in I'm Not the Only One romance, creating an atmosphere of pensive doubts, which saxophone is trying to dispel its improvisation.
Waves of romance somewhat speed up the Calling for You pace, giving them some kind of folk elements, for example, flutes solo. In the vocals a charming duet of male and female vocals is created, then the singing lady dominates in the vocal parts. A slight anxiety in the Don't be Afraid sound focuses on the evaluation of the surrounding reality, above the pensive musical image, the bright and significant keyboard passages and the emotional vocal part dominate. Folklore elements subordinate all the sound to themselves, first singing the lady sensually and inspiredly sings her experiences in Silver Moon, then the notes of Slavonic folklore rushes into the sound Dreamers, brought with instruments and vocals. Expresses his experiences, extolling them above all - and we will hear The Last Lament of a Fairy in the performance of bright and memorable female vocals.
Progressive notes are intertwined with oriental motifs creating an unforgettable song The New Times, as if the spirit of the desert sweeps through the scorching sun's rays.
Thoughtful romance, empathizing and mastering new horizons offers Forget your Sorrow, enveloping emotional vocal phrases with spiritualized musical passages.
The notes of anxiety, folk and country are intertwined in a single musical stream sensually, progressively and meaningfully creating a musical picture in the The Fifth Season instrumental composition.
Romance with female vocals The Passion sings that it is necessary to grieve the lady from him. I Will be Forever continues a romantic atmosphere, answering - that from it will receive the chosen one, to whom his heart is already dedicated.
Again the instrumental composition Behind the Mist sounds, in this case the guitars are concerts with wind instruments, in this competition from time to time keyboards are included. This gives the impression of jazz improvisations.
The album ends with the set of compositions that brings different shades of romantic atmosphere - first the male vocal reflects You Don't Know on what should be changed in the world creating a whirlwind of hope, then the male vocal extols the object of adoration You are the Sunshine, singing their dreams. Then the singing lady spreads waves of dreams and emotions There is Someone, completing the album with a composition Dun Aengus II in which female vocals show something like opera vocals.