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Dance, dance - all night away!

July 16, 2022
Stormtroopers of Love - Death, Rattle... and Roll! (EP)

The vocal announcement of the death that has come ends with a sad romantic guitar solo, impoverishing the sound in a single musical stream, beginning the musical narrative of the Stormtroopers of Love - Death, Rattle... and Roll! (EP) release with a unity of mystical omens and unexpected musical solutions.
The dialogue between a man and a woman ends with a rapid whirlwind of musical drive, which then crowns the Yuuntar proclamations of the Brand New Nightmare vocal part, ending with a gothic haze enveloping everything.
The rapid playfulness of the rock'n'roll dance is combined with the mystical mystery of the vocal story in the sound of the Nightslasher song by the unity of genre contrasts.
Rethinking in an unexpected way the Black Sabbath legendary song of the legendary Black Sabbath band gives the musical creation a certain shade of originality.
The Figure in Black in gothic twilight creates the final mysterious symphony covers of this musical artwork.