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Rebirth of old dreams will come

July 16, 2022
Heidra - To Hell Or Kingdom Come

The Beginning And The End symphonic intro opens the musical gates of the Heidra - To Hell Or Kingdom Come album, which develops its musical narrative using intro motifs and complements them with the vocal rigor of furious growling, then combining it with inspired melodies of pure vocals in the Retribution's Dawn composition. Rolling waves of sparkling drive, the Dusk song crowns these musical waves with vocals narration.
Bringing the meaningful narrative of pure vocals to the forefront of the musical image of The Rebirth song then complements it with a stern growling vocals, receding before the solemn melodies of the companions, but then complementing their phrases, following a similar style in the sound of the Wolfborn Rising musical saga, but giving the pure vocals of the skald great importance and adhering to the path of the main motif. The Fall Of The Fey composition combines a bardic song with a procession of a battle march, alternating pure vocals and growling in the vocal part, anticipating the development of the composition with chorales of brothers-in-arms.
After a brief keyboard introduction, the To Hell Or Kingdom Come album's title track combines the charm of the northern sagas with a symphonic musical fandom in an artistic musical narrative.The Ancient Gates musical saga fascinates with a single epic tale and restrained drive. After the charming musical artistry of the keyboard suite, the Cloaks And Daggers song accentuates rhythmicity and power, accelerating in the verse with the connection of vocals but transforming into a solemn anthem in the chorus and completing the musical fairy tale of the album with the sound of the Two Kings composition.