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Curse like this can even bless

May 08, 2019
Burn The Gates - Blessed with This Curse

Recalling the history of battles, the narrator anticipates the powerful persistence of a middle tempo grim drive rolling in waves of pulsating power. The Demon Twist vocals combine deep growling and emotional clean with harsh notes.
Continuing the trends of the mid-tempo drive Resentment complements the sounding with the inspirations of the melody of guitar passages, varying the Burn The Gates - Blessed with This Curse album. Clean vocals dominate the song's musical image.
Asking the direction of development of the main motive in the intro, the Double Agent song partly returns to traditional metal music, complementing them with vocal variations characteristic of this style. Unconfined Hope develops the motive given by the previous composition, giving a more dominant role to the alternation of vocal variations. Keeping the overall style of the album, the Anheuser thickens the darkness and hardens the sound atmosphere, slowing the music pace to the tragic anthem as a grim ballad.
Starting the leisurely atmosphere of a brooding narrative, Concave Pulse weaves together the emotional impulses of clean vocals and harsh growling additions. Beginning with the howling of distant winds, the Enterprise song continues album's unhurried sounding, while in the verse, more rhythmically hammering in musical beats and enveloping the sound of the chorus with epic covers of vocal phrases. The majestic march Keppra rolls in pulsing waves of a proud music festival.
Discarding pride and solemnity, Whiskey Best Friend accelerates tempo for a while, staying within the mid-tempo sound and introducing emotional romantic tones to the musical narration by screaming. But then the music is carried away in a swift drive that vocals catch up with.
The introduction anticipates a swift drive, but Stay with Me continues with a romantic ballad, wrapped in the thorny echoes of growling and the dreamy impulses of clean vocals, echoing the emotional complement of screaming.
Thickening the epic atmosphere of fairy-tale echoes Virgo envelops the listener with the trends of ancient legends, keeping the ballad atmosphere of music. Then the Ashes from the Grave is carried away in a whirlwind of fierce drive, preserving the winds of ancient legends in guitar riffs. Completing the echoes of the ancients and album the Achilles song weaves a captivating lace of a majestic verse of a couplet and a captivating celebration of the epic chorus anthem.