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It is the second one

May 09, 2019
Dioivo - II

Acoustic guitar by minstrel passages introduces the enchanting atmosphere of the epic Middle Ages in the O derradeiro voo introduction , but then the music carries away on wings the harsh drive enveloped by the enchanting melodic guitar passages. The instrumental bridges introduce epic mysteries of ancient legends, enveloping the beginning of the Dioivo - II album with enchanting charm.
Leisurely echoes of fairy-tale stories envelop in fascinating lace of exciting narrative, preparing a fascinating epic background of the Deus de cristal introduction. Then the music gradually increases the pace, leading up to the vocal entry to a fast-moving procession of black knights. But instrumental bridges retains the grandeur of epic charm.
Melodies of a thoughtful bard prefaces the band-named Dioivo composition, then the vocal dances in a fascinating dance with guitar passages, weaving an exciting lace of musical image.
Beginning with a fiery musical triumph, in anticipation of vocal Samesugas envelops us with a whirlwind of thoughtful trends, weaving the outlines of a fascinating musical celebration. But the fast-moving guitar riffs precede the vocal entry, carrying it off on the black wings of a runaway drive, returning the brooding mystery in the instrumental breaks.
The main motive takes off with a bright phoenix, raising the musical image of the O espertar composition on the wings of its sound, shining a vocal narration with sparkles and sparkling with charming epic impulses.
Beginning with a solemn march, the Na distancia song preserves the style of an epic narrative and with the introduction of the vocal, not hurrying to the furious rage of the impetuous drive.
Bright swiftness and freedom-loving rebellion weave fascinating edging vocal reflections, extolling rare O momento e xa vocal's reflections majestic musical background. Again starting with an acoustic bard narration, the final album's track Lobishomes preserves the melody and in the toughened sound, introducing certain trends of progressive music into the epic symphony of musical narration.