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Creepy demons are lurking through the nights

November 07, 2018
Perpetual Paranoia - The Reapers

Intro begins the album with creepy phrases that anticipate future dangers. But the title track continues the Perpetual Paranoia - The Reapers album with speech, reflecting its readiness to resist any fiends of darkness and demonic beasts. Then the composition will be divided into a combination of fast-moving passages of contractions and reflections on the development of a general picture of events.
Sweeping up the gloomy covers of the intimidating fog that completes the title track, Whatever It Takes introduction sweeps the drive wave, but the vocals enter with mysterious insinuating phrases, but then the music uprises the inspiration wave on wich the vocals is riding on.
Raising a disco sound wave in the intro , I Say Jesus expands the stylistic framework of the album, but then returns to the framework of the traditional metal music, but vocal makes additional changes with his recitative.
Staying in a mysterious position, Your Sin Will Find You vocals envelops with riddles, shrouding thoughts and mind with gloomy doubts.
The Veil main motive twists the swirling whirlwinds of the development of the composition, spinning the musical flywheel, followed by vocal phrases.
The motives of the monks of Tibetan temples enters as intro, then the vocalist's speech appeals to the perception of the further The God Syndrome composition pulsating, as if exalting one’s own mind over the world around is worthy of respect.
After a mysterious introduction confidently, assertively and tightly, Romance X march develops the chosen basic motif, from time to time complementing the vocal part with a curt recitative.
The viscous and dull musical dusk envelops Holy Ghost song with seductive melody, complementing the completion of the choruses with majestic passages, with some progressive shades.
In a leisurely round dance of musical traditions, instruments dances around emphasizing Let The Dead Bury The Dead title again and again, transforming into a leisurely procession of verses between choruses.
A viscous musical triumph rolls the canvas of sound in front of emotional Ten Thousand Saints vocal phrases, obeying changes and variations of vocal delights.
Dream Before The Nightmare completes the album with a majestic ballad, discarding insignificant disasters and gratuitous doubts.