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Covered with dust and ash mirror have reflected something in the past

August 06, 2018
Albireon - A Mirror For Ashen Ghosts

The noise of the distant wind pierces the surrounding The Path Of Loneliness spaces, the soft chime of the strings slowly pacifies the riot of the elements and the vocals complement it with their leisurely reflections. This composition begins the concept album Albireon - A Mirror For Ashen Ghosts, reflecting thoughtfully and wisely the eternal experiences about the incoming and outgoing.
The chime of the strings echoes with the Through Branches Of Grim Beauty vocal reflections, leaving a vague whisper on the background, broadcasting obscure ritual incantations, invoking the ancestors and spirits of the elements.
Long and measuredly, the wind noise envelops an obscure haze, through which quiet and measured melodic delights gradually appear, then acoustic guitars set the tone for the Beyond The Dreaming Forest bardic tale, supporting the vocal part despite the thunderstorm on the background. A marvelous bard ballad is wrapped in cautionary spells that reject rain and thunderstorms.
Instrumental ballad Like Stars In Winter Rapture gently and tenderly envelops the chime of strings of acoustic guitars, weaving a pensive lace of obscure guesses.
Guitars resemble the sound of tunes of bagpipes with the intro riffs, setting a folkloric atmosphere, as if the For A Last Day Of Swirling Leaves song is evoking the spirit of mountain slopes and the song of moorland heath.
Immediately manifests an indistinct whisper of In A Mossy Lake Of Ghosts invisible spirits, who are hovering around and singing their melodic songs. Then instrumental accompaniment is connected to the tunes, beginning with a pulsating electron wave, then adding it by chime of guitar strings. Ashen Spirits In Misty Fields diminously begins with the solo bass of the guitar, it setting a pulsating tonality to the legends of ghostly legends, slowly and wisely developing their history.
Starting with a pensive acoustic ballad My Grave In The Heart Of The Woods condenses sound, thickens the colors of instrumental passages and vocal phrases - even some shades of growling appears in the vocals!
Overflow and noise of surrounding events remains in the foreground, saddened female vocals do not break into the foreground of the musical image of the last song of the album Above Black Shores.