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There is no way to hide from the own forebodings

August 07, 2018
Centaurus-A - Means Of Escape

The creak of wires, electronic impulses scurry along the chains, setting the impulse of entry, transforming the sound of Coalescence into a rapid flow of drive, progressively juggling with musical tones, starting the Centaurus-A - Means Of Escape album so brightly and impressively.
Romantic motifs are intertwined in a mysterious fascinating Coma Crawl intro, returning in bridges and choruses. Then the vocal sweeps a violent wave of drive, overwhelming with powerful and energetic guitar riffs.
Driving the road support, the rhythm with a powerful pressure promotes sound, the vocal phrases are enveloped by bewitching mystical guitar passages, developing in the fairy tale of [Dis]Grace Of Charity composition.
Visibly and persistently the music stretches the dark canvas of the Immersed In Misery song, the vocals sound more emotionally and sensually, moving away from the growling towards the harsh. Musical motives varies twilight romanticism, guessing obscure riddles.
The artistic extravaganza of romantic Pitchblack Nothing intro picks up a whirlwind of bright melodic decisions, vocals embody in their party a storm of emotions and emotional changes, combined with vivid musical decisions.
A viscous guitar break opens the way for the mysterious mystery of Down The Drain musical canvas enveloping vocal phrases with a sparkling canopy of dark magic wrapping emotional phrases with swift vortexes of magical changes. Death Machine as if continuing the previous composition, changing from a changeable rhythmic structure into a majestic mid-tempo march, playing melodious delights in instrumental bridges and summing up the vocal phrases with vivid melodic twists.
The solo of the bass guitar is like a swinging pendulum of giant watches sets the rhythm and pace in the mysterious introduction, continuing with the melodic suite of a sad brooding instrumental ballad Abysmal in which a guitar solo cries out to wise reflections that is serving as intro for the next composition Bad To The Bone. Vocal pushes the speed of the tempo, in the instrumental bridges the guitar riffs thicken the gloomy haze, after which the vocal hardens to a hard and deep growling. With the hardening of the vocals, the music compacts the sound, removing the impetuosity somewhat to the side, adding rigidity and severity. But in the chorus, the vocals are transformed into a duet of severe growling and dreamy pure vocals, wrapped in melodic guitar tricks, after which the pace calms down. the vocals go to a confident narrative, followed by a marvelous and bewitching guitar solo, after which the music is intertwined with impetuous impulses and summing up with calm and wise phrases - repeating the chorus in the final part of the composition.
The sarcastic belligerent drumbeat of the introduction conceals the militant character of a furious drive that blows into the Hyenas And Tentacles sound away from the pensive progressive melodious musical turns. In the bridges, power and fury are pumped up, in the instrumental solo during the refrain, the sound rises in the proud glow of valiant legends, ending with an impressive and bright guitar solo.
A stern and inspired drive completes the album with a dense and assertive sound - Random Euphoria Nights will resemble the result by varying the tempo and weaving musical passages and vocal phrases interspersing pure and groening styles in such an impressive musical artwork.