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Light is not given to know hunger and fatigue

August 05, 2018
Skeletonwitch - Devouring Radiant Light

The marvelous melody revolts with obscure images, enchants with transformations and embodies various forms and trends in a bright and melodic basic motif, Fen of Shadows which starts the Skeletonwitch - Devouring Radiant Light album with an impressive combination of melody and drive, condensing sound by rhythmic marches in verses and sweeping away in rapid bridges to unknown distances, returning to the symphonic triumph in the choruses.
Majestically and confidently rolling the wave of entry When Paradise Fades develops its motives, meaningfully and intricately preparing a rapid flow of drive, developing the main motive in the chosen direction. In the instrumental bridges that precede couplets, the melodic rises above the rest of the composition, exalting the sound over the clouds.
Continuing this style Temple of the Sun faster and hastily develops the melody of the introduction, more vigorously and vigorously promoting the sound of the main motive, sweeping through the verse space and pensively reflecting in the chorus, summing up in the bewitching instrumental part.
The title composition Devouring Radiant Light interlaces a mysterious melody in the refined artistry that develops in the romantic introduction saga and the majestic bard tale interwoven with progressive instrumental bridges and waves of violent drive. The pulsating march majestically paves its The Luminous Sky way, then the vocal pushes the fairytale composition, the musical extravaganza envelops phrases with sparkling canopy, crowning them with bright melodious jewels.
The charming symphony cries in its sound to ancient legends, returning from forgotten forgotten tales, enchanting melodism and evoking romantic memories. But the vocals appeal to the militant drive, combined with the melody of entry in a bright The Vault musical image that will not leave indifferent such a wide range of listeners, which is worthy of surprise and envy.
So bright and memorable motif already in the Carnarium Eternal introduction entangles vocal phrases by artistic passages, weaving the progressive lace of epic musical delights. Tragically and sadly, as if singing out the departed soldiers, Sacred Soil begins the completion of the album, but then the vocals cry out valor and heroic passages, resisting the flooded memories and discarding the shades of sadness.