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Consciousness is in oblivion

March 29, 2023
Semblant - Obscura

Beginning the musical narrative of the Semblant - Obscura album with the vocals story of the emotional singing lady, the Murder of Crows song then complements the vocal part with male vocals, weaving them voelino in the chorus, after mysterious exclamations driving the fierce step of the assertive drive of the Left Behind composition.
After the melodic introduction, the vocal part is brought to the forefront of the Dethrone the Gods, Control the Masters (Legacy of Blood, Pt. IV) musical fairy tale, alternating male and female vocals in the foreground and combining them in a joint sound, developing and complementing the male vocals with dreamy reflections of clean vocals, receding before the pressure of severe growling in the sound of the Mere Shadow composition.
A vocal narrative that unites and weaves male and female vocals in the lace charm of the vocal part is brought to the forefront of the Porcelain musical image, retreating before the rapid flight of the musical charm of the The Hunter, The Hunger (Legacy of Blood, Pt. V) epic saga, that is fiercing male vocals to a growling, decorated with inspired phrases of a singing lady and entwined with bright whirlwinds of musical passages.
Raising the banners of the main motif in the introduction, the Wasteland composition then leads along this path a vocal story in a persistent and meaningful procession, giving the sound of the Barely Breathing song shades of a battle march and folk motifs of forgotten fairy tales.
To its ancient legends and fairy tales, the Wallachia composition assures of this already to its titles, captivating with the alternation of music and vocals in the foreground of the musical image and preparing to listen to the charming sound of the Daydream Tragedy romantic ballad and the melodious charm of the Insomnia bonus track, which completes the album with a charming sound.